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Katherine is a Blogger Theme 2019. Advanced Theme Options in this theme helps in easily customizing the whole theme features from changing the Sliders (Slider1, Slider2, Slider3). You can customize this beautiful blogger theme 2019 from the Theme Options given in the Layout section. Infinite Scrolling features has also added in this theme, you can turn it ON or OFF. You can activate or deactivate the Preloader in the theme and you can do many more things with this amazing free blogger theme.

Katherine Responsive Blogger Template FEATURES

  1. Customized Theme Options
  2. Preloader On & Off
  3. Header Padding: You can increase and decrease the gap in the Logo and Menu in the Header.
  4. Sliders: You can select Slider1, Slider2, Slider3 as option to display the kind of slider you like.
  5. Sticky Sidebar: You can On & Off the Sticky Sidebar
  6. Sticky Menubar: You can also choose to stick the menubar to the top.
  7. Homepage Sidebar
  8. Post Page Sidebar
  9. Free Blogger Theme
  10. Multi Author Template
  11. Fully SEO Optimized
  12. Layout Area on Homepage
  13. New Design Layout
  14. Responsive Blogger Theme
  15. Free Blogger Themes 2019
  16. 100% Fully responsive
  17. Social Icons widget
  18. Speedy Blogger Template
  19. Unlimited Sidebar widgets
  20. Ads Ready
  21. Social Share functionality
  22. “Back to top” button functionality

Katherine Responsive Blogger Template

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